Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by!  I’d love to share a bit about myself. 🙂

I’m Katie and I’m 25 years old. I am passionate about health & fitness!  It is so much more than just having a certain physique. Your health starts from the inside, out!

I have always been athletic and participated in many sports like soccer, softball, swimming, basketball, dance, & volleyball. Constantly participating in sports kept me active and in shape. But I strayed away from fitness in my 20’s but soon found my way back.

So, back to my life! In 2011 I moved to Florida to do the Disney College Program Internship (highly recommend!). I worked recreation at the Yacht & Beach Resort and the Boardwalk Resort doing “Kid’s Activities.” Such a fun job! I got to hold dance parties at the pools with the kids, played trivia, had bonfires, and watched movies outside under the stars. How perfect!

Disney is where I met my handsome husband James (that’s another beautiful story). After the internship was over, James moved back with me to North Carolina. We tied the knot in June of 2013, then packed up and moved across the country in 2016 to the beautiful sunny Colorado. We now have a little one on the way, due in September 2016! 😀

Growing up as an athlete, I have always been a competitive person. Which is why today I live and breathe health and fitness. I love constantly challenging myself. I would love to be on those intense fitness shows! Physical strength absolutely translates to mental strength. You are in control of getting yourself to the gym and resisting that soda. When you don’t believe that you will ever see results, you will never see results. Believe that you can achieve it, and you will. I promise. Take my story for example. I transformed my mind and body when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time, because I BELIEVED in myself.

Health and fitness is so much more than physical appearance and strength. It will transform your mind and self-love. You will start to train and eat healthy because you love yourself, not because you hate your body. Who doesn’t want to feel healthier, happier, stronger, confident, & energized!

Find your balance. What form of exercise do you love? What healthy foods do you love to eat? There’s no need to restrict yourself from treats, just find that balance through moderation.

I’m SO thankful for your support. Helping you ladies achieve your goals makes me beyond happy. Seeing you getting stronger & healthier, and learning to love yourself is my ultimate purpose.