Affordable Non-Toxic Crib Mattress – Lullaby Earth

You guys!! I have been searching like crazy for a safe TRULY non-toxic crib mattress for little Grier. Most crib mattresses on the market are full of harmful flame retardants and chemicals, believe it or not. I was determined to find something affordable. All I could find was either incredibly expensive organic mattresses or affordable but not truly non-toxic. I even ordered a crib mattress on Amazon that claimed to be non-toxic and safe, but ended up returning it because it wasn’t. This is why I wanted to share with you guys the crib mattress that is not only safe for your baby, but also affordable! Hopefully this post will save you a headache! Not only do I love our non-toxic mattress, but Grier has been sleeping incredibly on it!! His first week sleeping on it he slept 8-9 hours through the night for the first time EVER at 9 months old. Not even kidding! Um, yes please!

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