Grier’s First Month!

Crazy how time flies! Grier is already 1 month old!












I am about a week behind on posting, so I weighed him at 5 weeks (using our scale- I weighed myself and him, then weighed myself– to find out his weight) and he was 8.2lbs! I was so worried that he wasn’t growing enough but at our 2 week appointment he was just at 7lbs.

Birth weight: 6lbs 4oz
1st Week Drop: 5lbs 10oz
2 Week Appt: 7lbs 1 oz

(Can you tell that I’m obsessed with his Paisley Prints outfit?)

Here is how is first month went!

  • Weight: 8.2lbs (As of 10/11/16)
  • His umbilical stump fell off on Day 6
  • Still wears size Newborn diapers & clothes
  • Nurses about every 2 hours 24/7 (its like clockwork!)
  • Can pick his head up and look around
  • Pushes off the ground with his hands
  • I swear he started baby talk yesterday. He made some noises I had never heard, so cute!
  • When he stretches he shakes his wrists (wish I could catch it on camera!)
  • When he sneezes its the cutest thing ever (his sneeze is adorable)
  • He LOVES sleeping on his side
  • I love his “slow blink” that he does sometimes…too cute!
  • When he’s hungry he squints one eye and opens his mouth to the side..LOVE that face!

It’s the little things. ❤

Here are some more cute photos & a video!


Processed with Snapseed.

(Wearing Paisley Prints ^^^)




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