31 Week Bumpdate!


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.34.13 PM.png

Hi guys! I can’t believe that I am already in the third trimester!

Sometimes this pregnancy seems to be flying by!

Cravings: Still the battle with sugar! I definitely have cut back on the candy, but since the surprise baby shower I’ve been eating a little too much leftover cake. But I’m working on eating more fresh fruit & veggies and less junk! I feel so much better when I eat right anyway, even if the junk may taste better. haha

Baby movement: Baby is moving around like crazy! I love when he rotates because it seriously feels like an earthquake in my belly. He also loves to poke his knee or elbow out of the side of my stomach, which I love because I feel like I can actually touch/feel him. So cute!

Challenges this week: I’ve just been feeling exhausted lately! Some days all I want to do is lay down. But I’ve been doing my best to stay active almost every day, even if its just a walk with the pups!

Best moment this week: My husband’s coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower last weekend! James had convinced me that it was just a work function. He told me we were going to a BBQ! A part of me didn’t fully believe him so I made sure to at least dress cute! James is HORRIBLE about keeping secrets. If I look him in the eyes and straight up ask him about it, his face says it all over. haha

But the baby shower was awesome! It was so nice of his coworkers to do that for James and I. We got some adorable gifts and are now starting to be prepared for when baby Evitts comes! So grateful! 🙂

Sleep: Sleep has been rough lately! The pregnancy heartburn has finally kicked in! It kept me up all night, but probably because I’ve been eating too close to bed time. Some nights I just toss and turn because it’s tough to get comfy with a big belly and not being able to sleep on your back! I also have been having crazy dreams! But I know this is just getting me ready for the sleepless nights that are to come! 🙂

Future Plans: We have our 32 week appointment next week! We also have 2 classes (Natural Birth class & an Infant Care class). We will hopefully be doing a maternity shoot early August once I am able to order a cute dress! I took Bentley for a dog “Interview” so that we can drop them off at dog daycare when I go in labor. Kiya still needs her interview but I have to get her current on shots first!

Also check out my pregnancy workout videos on my blog under the “Workouts” tab! 🙂

That’s about it!






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