Affordable Non-Toxic Crib Mattress – Lullaby Earth

You guys!! I have been searching like crazy for a safe TRULY non-toxic crib mattress for little Grier. Most crib mattresses on the market are full of harmful flame retardants and chemicals, believe it or not. I was determined to find something affordable. All I could find was either incredibly expensive organic mattresses or affordable but not truly non-toxic. I even ordered a crib mattress on Amazon that claimed to be non-toxic and safe, but ended up returning it because it wasn’t. This is why I wanted to share with you guys the crib mattress that is not only safe for your baby, but also affordable! Hopefully this post will save you a headache! Not only do I love our non-toxic mattress, but Grier has been sleeping incredibly on it!! His first week sleeping on it he slept 8-9 hours through the night for the first time EVER at 9 months old. Not even kidding! Um, yes please!

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What’s in My Diaper Bag? [Minimalist Edition]

Hi guys!! I wanted to share with you all my new minimalist diaper bag by VAUVA!Ā  I absolutely LOVE my first diaper bag which was the KIKI LU DIAPER BAG (Watch my Kiki Lu video here!), but I was ready for something smaller that would force me to not overpackšŸ˜† and carry only the necessities!Ā Grier is now 7 months old (Ah he’s growing WAY too fast)! Now that Grier is older I need less things, as well as some new things! I’ve already gotten so many compliments with my stylish VAUVA diaper bag!IMG_5780

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NEW 4 Week Lean Life Gym Guide!

Are you having trouble losing weight? Not sure how to get started? I’ve been there too! So I wanted to create a training guide that will guide you in the right direction for reaching your fitness goals — shred fat, build lean muscle (tone up), & get stronger!


Here’s what it includes:

A warm-up/cool-down guideline.
Transform your body with easy to follow workouts, including images.
Helpful descriptions with how to perform the exercises properlyA Training & Nutrition Guideline (healthy snacks & meals, how to eat pre/post-workout, & more)
Learn how to burn fat even when you’re not working out!

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Baby Bump Transformation! [Weeks 10-21]

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Hi ladies! Just wanted to share with you my bump transformation over the past few months!

Also an update!

I started feeling baby kick at about 17 weeks! It felt like tiny little flutters in my belly. It was such an amazing feeling. The first time my husband James was able to feel baby was the night before our 20 week ultrasound (I was still at 19 weeks + a few days)! Let me tell you there is no better feeling than feeling baby kick, especially with your spouse!Read More »